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How to Make a Reese Bass (Long Deep Bass) in Serum


Hi guys!

In this tutorial you’re going to see how to make a pretty basic bass sound for deep house productions or also for techno and electronic music productions. It’s a long bass and it has a lot of power - and it’s also very easy to make for example with Serum.

Let’s check out how it sounds:

It’s this wam and long thing you want to put in the back - if you’re not looking for a rhythmic bass.

Let’s make this patch from scratch!

We can take the default wave from Oscillator A.

xfer serum

We definitely need a filter on top of that. I'm going to select “MG Low 12” over here and we need to be sure oscillator a is routed into the filter - and we take the filter and resonance down just a bit. That will do for now.

xfer serum


Now we need to put up a bit of unison. Instead of one voice let’s play 4 and detune them a bit:

xfer serum


It already sounds close to what we’re looking for.

Let’s add some filter drive and a sine wave sub oscillator at -1 octave.

The last touch is going to be a detuned sine wave layered in with the saw:

xfer serum


In the original patch we also took one octave down the oscillator A - so let’s do that as well:

I think it’s a very useful sound. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial!

See you next time!

- Francois


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