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Ableton Live's Founders on how they transformed Electronic Music Performance

Ableton Ableton Live 9

 (picture: Ableton Co-Founders Robert Henke and Gerhard Behles gave an interesting interview for thump magazine Ableton Co-Founder Robert Henke on showing the first version of Ableton to Hans Zimmer at a trade fair without knowing it was him: "I showed him the product and he had a German accent, but I didn't take note of that because at a trade show you meet all kinds of people, and I was too busy explaining to him what the product was all about. He had a lot of intelligent questions, and at some point he asks, "so you can just put in a drum...

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FREE Plugin at Waves Audio

FREE Waves

 Waves Audio is giving away a FREE plugin on Black Friday. All you have to do is signing up here: Best, PML

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Matching EQ - Cloning the Frequency Spectrum

EQing Mixing

  Matching EQ allows you to sort of "clone" the frequency spectrum of another track. EQs like the Fab Filter Pro-Q2 offer such a function. You basically create two audio tracks and let the EQ calculate the differences between the frequency spectrum of your work and the one of the other (eg. commercial) track. Then, these differences get sort of "added in" or "taken out" of your track, resulting in an overall appearence closer to the reference track, depending on your instrumentation.    Learn more about EQing and how to deal with it when mixing: NEW PML 5h+ Course: Mixing A Track From Scratch...

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Massive Tutorial: "Trombone-style" Bass Sound

Massive Sound Design

In this quick tutorial, we are designing a trombone-style bass sound with NI Massive. Its a very handy sound for adding some sort of "Melody bass-line" to your track, like we know it from tracks like "Ten Walls - Walking with Elephants", "Johannes Brecht - Another World" or even partly like the supporting bass layers from Flume's remix of "Disclosure - You & Me".  Additionally you can get this very bass sound and more Massive presets with our latest pack "Boiler Production 2 for NI Massive".     Also new: 6h+ Course: Producing a Melodic Techno Track from Start to Finish...

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How to Make a Deep House Track From Start to Finish (Beginners) Part 3: Arrangement

Ableton Ableton Live 9 Beginners

Written walk-through guide - coming alongside this Youtube Tutorial:   What we used: Ableton Live 9 Suite Also available: 4h+ Course: Track from Start To Finish   Hey! In the last parts of this tutorial we focused on the Instruments and Drums. If you haven't seen it yet make sure to check them out (Part 1/Part 2). Anyways, in this part we'll focus on the arrangement and we'll expand our ideas into a full track! Here's what the full arrangement is going to look like: Basically: we're introducing the elements at the beginning, then we've got a break, a drop, and we're...

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