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Sound Design & Production Blog

We are Tom and Francois doing sound design tutorials on Youtube and posting daily production tips on Instagram. We love exploring sound designs in all types of genres. We offer a couple of templates, presets and sample packs on this website. You can also get some freebies here and more through our Facebook page.


What People Say:

cory feedback  
“I just picked up the big room EDM template it is awesome!!! I love the fact that it came with a full track from start to finish so I got to see how every part of the track worked with the template and effects it was so it's accessible for everybody doesn't have the vst that requires which was amazing”
Cory C. (public post on our Facebook page)
Yves Dj  
“I just wanted to take a minute to say that your courses and tutorials are amazing and really helped me to improve my skills.”
Yves C. (DJ / Producer - insta: @itsyvees)
“Awesome service!!! Amazingly good tutorials. Great presets and samples. And now even a free update. Thumbs up for u guys!!!”
Konstantin K. (post on our Facebook page)
“Your page is so helpful i think ive watched almost every video!”
Josh D. (Youtube comment)
"You explain everything in an easy way. There is no channel I learned more about Ableton and Massive. Keep on doing this!"
Denis  (Feedback form)