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Complete Melodic Techno Start to Finish Academy Product Box

Complete Melodic Techno Start to Finish Academy

On Sale: 42% Off!

On Sale: 42% Off!

Options from €137,00 €237,00

This is the most complete program for Melodic Techno on PML. Learn from professional producers and engineers working with today's top Melodic Techno Labels.

PML Product Number: PML283

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On Sale: 42% Off!

Complete Melodic Techno Start to Finish Academy

€137,00 €237,00

A Complete Academy Program for Melodic Techno

All brand new content

What's Inside this Program

About This Program

Welcome to the most comprehensive program for Melodic Techno on PML! If you're a producer looking to take your Melodic Techno tracks to the next level, this program is for you.

We understand that some of our community members might feel overwhelmed by the volume of content in our Everything Bundle, which is why we've designed this program specifically for Melodic Techno Producers today.

What You Are Getting

  • 13 Online Courses
  • 11 Fully Produced Educational Ableton Project Files
  • 1 Full size MT Sample Pack with 400+ Samples and Loops
  • 170+ Serum Presets
  • 150+ Midi files
  • 7 Problem Solver Sample Packs
    • Astral Odyssey Sample Pack (220+ One-Shots and Loops)
    • Afterworld Sample Pack (210+ One-Shots and Loops)
    • Mainstage MT Kicks (54 Kick Samples)
    • Bass Loops (68 Genre Specific Loops)
    • Vocal Essentials (40 Dry and Wet Vocal Samples)
    • Impacts & Risers (40 Samples)
    • Vocal Texture and Stutter FX (53 Samples)
  • 2 Bonus Packs. 1 Sample Pack and 1 Serum Preset Pack

Demo mix of 4 included Educational Ableton project files

Take A Look Inside

Matt Lar - from PML student to signing tracks to his favorite labels.

Example: Combining PML Serum presets to design a Stutter Choir Pad.

Example: 3 Melodic Techno Bass Groove Patterns with Ableton Live + Serum.

Your Instructors


Academy Trailer

Get Signed

This Academy Program is built for every Melodic Techno producer that wants to take the next step and sign with a label. TEN different tutors will show their production techniques and tell you how to increase your chances of getting signed.

Part 1: Start to Finish - Making a Track

1 Includes:

  • A complete start to finish course guiding you through the process of a melodic techno production.
  • 2.5+ Hours of Learning Material
  • 20+ Single Lessons
  • Accompanying Ableton Template File
  • All Sounds & Samples you need to follow along are included

Course: Melodic Techno Start to Finish

Starting with a blank Ableton file, Lotus Tunes shows you step by step, in close detail, how to produce this Melodic Techno track:

Part 2: Music Theory for Melodic Techno

These courses are all about practical music theory on writing harmonies & melodies that simply work. You will analyze successful patterns & melodies and will produce your own leads right away.

Part 2 Includes:

  • 2 Music Theory Courses covering:
    • Basics & Analysis
    • Harmony & Chord Progressions
    • Arps & Melodies
  • 3.5+ Hours Learning Material
  • 20+ PRACTICAL Sessions to follow along

Course: Arps & Melodies for Melodic Techno

Melodic Techno is about outstanding melodies. You will first analyze mesmerizing arps & melodies and then apply hands on techniques & formulas to write your own.

Course: Chord Progressions of Melodic Techno

Learn to build beautiful chords and cohesive progressions from scratch. Uros shows you the techniques of successful Melodic Techno chord progressions.

Part 3: Low End Hacks

Part 3 will be your key to writing and sound designing professional low end - simple but very effective.

Part 3 Includes:

  • Full 2,5+ hour Online Learning Session
  • Learn proven techniques from releasing Artist
  • LAR analyses SUCCESSFUL patterns & sounds
  • 14 Practical Sessions

Course: Analysis of Patterns for Drums & Bass Lines

LAR (Anjunadeep, Monstercat, Colorise) will go through successful bass line and kick patterns and shows which sounds work.

Course: Practical Production Session

Together you will write and sound design examples that you can use in your productions right away.

Part 4: Arrangements & Drops

Part 4 is about powerful drops and how to arrange Melodic Techno tracks for the club or for festivals.

Part 4 Includes:

  • Full 1,5+ hour Online Learning Session
  • Learn proven techniques from releasing Artist DAHU
  • Analysis of released Radikon tracks
    • What makes a good drop
    • Arrangements for clubs & festivals
  • 8 Practical Sessions

Course: Basics of Arranging a Melodic Techno Song

Dahu will show you arrangement techniques in a practical session from scratch.

Course: Analyzing Successful released Tracks

You will go through successful arrangements together and learn how to arrange a club or a festival track.

Part 5: Production Secrets

Part 5 releasing artist VNTM invites you to his studio to show his production secrets in a track walk through.

Part 5 Includes:

  • Track walk through & Sharing secrets Interview
  • Learn from releasing Artist VNTM
  • 1.4+ hours of Online Learning

Course: Track Walk Through

VNTM walks you through one of his most played tracks to show you exactly how he put it together. Get an exclusive peek in his workflow.

Interview: Artist Promotion

He also talks about being a producer & artist and how you can improve your chances of getting heard and recognized.

Part 6: Mixing & Mastering

Part 6 takes you to Berlin where Julia Borelli and the DUAT Studios share their most effective formulas & approaches to mixing & mastering stage ready tracks.

Part 6 Includes:

  • 2 Full Length Mixing Sessions
    • Mixing & Mastering “XY” from Lotus Tunes: Ableton only
    • Mixing & Mastering “Celestial Body” from Solanca: Ableton only
  • 5+ Hours of Mixing/Mastering Sessions
  • Accompanying Template Files to follow along step by step
  • Including Mastering Chain
  • Bonus: Extra Sum Up Session with both Engineers

Interview: Julia Borelli’s Workflow

Julia will tell you about how she approaches each step of her process for mixing and mastering for major artists and leading labels in the industry. VERY insightful!

Julia's Credits Include: Anyma, Anna, Cassian, Elderbrook, Fideles, Kevin de Vries, Mind Against, Monolink, Mrak, Richie Hawtin, Rüfüs du Sol, Stephan Bodzin, Tale of Us.
Labels such as: Afterlife, Anjunadeep, Armada, Embassy One, Rose Avenue Records, Ki Records, IPSO, Turbo Recordings

Course: Mixing Melodic Techno

After an introduction to the basics of mixing, engineer Ruede Hagelstein will guide you through the complete process of mixing 2 full songs in Ableton.

Course: Mastering Melodic Techno

Mastering engineer Alex Inggs gives you a proper intro on “what’s mastering besides loudness” and shows you simple techniques to make your tracks sound better on all systems.

Part 7: Labels & Marketing

Jonas Saalbach & Guzy, the label owners of Radikon and releasing artists, open up on dos & don'ts when applying to a label and what else it takes to make it in the industry.

Part 7 Includes:

  • Interview Session sharing secrets for Melodic Techno Artists
  • Radikon Label Owners Jonas Saalbach & Guzy on
    • How to increase your chances to get signed on a Melodic Techno label
    • Tips for artists in the industry

Course: Industry Success & Marketing for Producers

The Berlin duo will share some of the best proven approaches to getting signed, how to make it as an artist and what you should take care of right now! Entertaining & super valuable!

Part 8: Bonus - Walkthroughs & Analysis of Ableton Project Files

Alongside the courses, you are provided with presets, midis, samples and project files. Plus we've also recorded 4+ extra track project file walkthrough sessions.

Instructor Borys is analysing critical parts of the production process for powerful drops, state of the art sound design and pumping low ends of your bass sounds.

Free Lesson Previews

Academy Curriculum

Improve your skills in 90+ online sessions by industry professionals - with project files and lifetime access. This academy is designed to level up your melodic techno productions to label/club-ready quality.


Part 1: Making a Melodic Techno Track from Start To Finish

Part 2: Harmony and Music Theory

Part 3: Low End Hacks with LAR

Part 4: Arrangement and Drops with DAHU

Part 5: Production Secrets with VNTM

Part 6: Mixing and Mastering

Part 7: Applying to Labels & Marketing with Jonas Saalbach & Guzy

Part 8: Bonus - Walkthroughs & Analysis of Ableton Project Files

What Student Are Saying

Student Testimonials: Thanks to your tutorials i've become so much more creative and inspired. Thank you!
Student Testimonials: Love your videos, your course on PM is amazing.
Student Testimonials: Thanks to your courses I made music production my main daily income. Thanks guys!!
Student Testimonials: Thank you for the master class! As always, everything is clear and informative!
Student Testimonials: PML's packs and tutorials are next levelllll
Student Testimonials: Thanks to your tutorials i've become so much more creative and inspired. Thank you!

"Thanks PML your tutorials, courses, presets and samples are wonderful, keep doing what you are doing!"
Yassir Manji (YT)

"Thanks to these and the beginner courses on PML I am finally able to create what I love. Keem them coming. Thank you."
Petr Grenar (YT)

"I have learned so much from the pml videos!"
Wouter Jansen (YT)

"Thanks Francois and everyone at PML! I bought the PML Everything Bundle and I've learned so much since then and still have courses to go!"
Disco Limoande (YT)

"Loved every pack I got from PML. It helped enormously with so many things. Cheers :)"

"Cool teachers and great information value. Thanks PML!"
Thomas Mouly (YT)

Learn With PML

LAR spotify

Matt Lar

From student to releasing artist, tutor and role model: Matt Lar (LAR) provides great examples of how seriously focussing on music production can pay off over time. Matt was self-taught via online courses and tutorials and was persistently chipping away, improving as a producer on a daily basis. After just a few years, he has now released on labels such as Anjunadeep, Monstercat, Colorize, Sekora and more.

Julia Borelli

Julia Borelli is a Berlin-based producer, mixing and mastering engineer now a Riverside Studios (Kreuzberg, Berlin) resident. She has worked with artists from all over the world like Monolink, Cassian, Camelphat, Kas:st, Colyn, Mrak, Adriatique, Anna, Mind Against, RÜFÜS DU SOL, Tale Of Us, Richie Hawtin, Elderbrook, Hayden James, Lie Ning, Anyma, Jon Hopkins and Novaa racking up over a billion streams across the internet.

Julia Borelli spotify
Jonas Saalbach spotify

Jonas Saalbach

Jonas Saalbach is label owner (Radikon), producer, DJ and artist with every breath. His techniques are not always conventional, but the result is always stunning and makes people dance around the world.

10 Brand New Sound and Preset Packs Included

The accompanying Full Size Melodic Techno Sample Pack and 6 Problem Solver Sample Packs let you produce state-of-the-art Melodic Techno Music. This is your “good to go” solution!

Full Size Melodic Techno Sample Pack

Full Size Melodic Techno

  • 266 Loops:
    • 20 Arploops
    • 68 Bassloops
    • 44 Hatloops
    • 34 Percloops / Shakerloops
    • 19 Synthloops
    • 11 Chord Progressions
    • 24 Tomloops
    • 46 Toploops
  • 219 One-Shots:
    • 23 Claps
    • 27 Hats
    • 21 Impacts / 19 Risers
    • 34 Kicks
    • 21 Percs / 22 Shakers
    • 24 Snares
    • 28 Toms
Serum Presets

Serum Presets

Serum Presets were created by professional artist/producer Tim Engelhardt for use in Melodic Techno.

  • 100 Serum Presets
    • 24 Bass
    • 16 FX
    • 25 Lead
    • 20 Pad
    • 15 Plucks
Astral Odyssey

Astral Odyssey

  • 137 Loops:
    • 44 Atmo
    • 20 Hats
    • 20 Noise
    • 53 Percs
    • Bonus: 44 Midi Files Included
  • 100 One-Shots:
    • 15 Claps
    • 15 Hats
    • 25 Kicks
    • 10 Noise
    • 20 Percs
    • 15 Snares
Afterworld Samplepack


  • 110 Loops:
    • 20 Atmo
    • 10 Bass
    • 15 Drones
    • 15 FX
    • 15 Hats
    • 20 Percs
    • 15 Tops
    • Bonus: 45 Midi Files Included
  • 100 One-Shots:
    • 10 Claps
    • 20 Hats
    • 30 Kicks
    • 15 Percs
    • 10 Rides
    • 15 Snare
Mainstage MT Kicks

Mainstage MT Kicks

  • 54 Kick One-Shots Loops

A collection of meticulously crafted kick samples by releasing artist VNTM and PML allstars ready to use in your productions.

Bass Loops

Bass Loops

  • 68 genre specific loops

Inspirational rolling bass line loops to get your beat going instantly. Different sound designs & rhythmical patterns that stand out.

Serum Presets Bass Drops

Serum Presets Bass Drops

  • 20 Bass Sounds for Melodic Techno
    • 14 Bass Stabs
    • 3 Subs
    • 3 Reese
    • 5 Basslines
    • 1 WobbleFX
    • 2 RollingBasslines
Impacts and Risers

Impacts & Risers

  • 21 Impacts
  • 19 Risers

Save valuable time by dragging & dropping powerful impacts and risers into your arrangements to create dynamic moments for the crowd.

Vocal Stutters 1

Vocal Texture and Stutter FX

  • 53 Vocal Textures and FX
Vocal Stutters 1

Vocal Texture and Stutter FX

  • 53 Vocal Textures and FX

150+ Royalty-Free Midi Files Included

Artist Contributions

Tim Engelhardt- Producer (Stil vor Talent)

Tim Engelhardt- Producer (Stil vor Talent)

“Saving time by starting with the right sound is crucial to be effective and successful as a producer. These Serum presets will help with that!”

VNTM Bio Pic


“This is my first project with PML and I collected my best kick samples from the past years to give you a head start in your productions.”

Full Album of 11 Educational Ableton Project Files

Jump start your next prouduction with professionally produced, mixed and mastered Melodic Techno Ableton templates. These projects are fully editable! Analyze what it takes to produce a professional sounding track.



BONUS Packs Included

Festive Essentials

Bonus Sample Pack

  • 100 Loops:
    • 15 Atmos
    • 10 Drones
    • 25 Hats
    • 25 Percs
    • 25 Tops
  • 75 One-Shots:
    • 15 Claps
    • 15 Hats
    • 15 Kicks
    • 15 Shaker
    • 15 Snares

Bonus Serum Preset Pack

  • 30 Serum Presets:
    • 7 Plucks
    • 4 Pads
    • 9 Leads
    • 3 FX / Atmos
    • 7 Basses

Get It Now

FAQs and Requirements

Is the Melodic Techno Academy included in the Everything Bundle Collectors Edition or the Everything Year 2023?
Yes! This bundle is included in both the Everything Bundle Collector's Edition and the Everything Year 2023 bundles.

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the courses?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the courses for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What type of audio files are the samples?
24bit 44.1K WAV Files

How Do I download my files?
After purchase you will receive an email with your personal download link - it will be sent to the email you use for the purchase. If you don’t see it, quickly check your spam folder and if you have any issues, email

Are the samples royalty free?
Yes, they are! When you purchase a royalty-free sample pack, you're allowed to use all samples in your private and commercial music without having to pay any additional royalty fees.

What if I am unhappy with my order?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 48 hours and we will give you a full refund - due to the digital download nature of the optional sound packs, we can only refund the courses parts. No refund on bulk / pack orders. One refund per person.

How do I access course files, if any are included?
If you're getting the basic course option, a download link will be provided above or below the video of the first or second lecture of the course (usually named 'Setup & Downloads'). In case you're getting the course with one of the pack options, the additional packs will be delivered to you via email.

Where will I be able to log into my course?
The courses are hosted on another server. Once you've bought a course, you'll be getting a mail saying "Redeem your copy of "Course …"". Follow the "Confirm your account" link in that mail and you will end up on the course-platform. There, you'll need to pick your password and log in. Your profile info will be already prepared for you. You can then always log in here:

PML Courses Login.

If you already have a courses account, the new course will be added to your profile (assuming you buy it using the same email address associated with that account). If you have an account but buy a new course using a different email, get in touch and we will manually add it to your existing account.

There is one way of watching videos offline for example if you are travelling with an iPad and you are not always within reach of a stable internet connection: We have activated the option of MyTeachable accounts on our videos so you can watch videos offline through the “Teachable Online Courses” iOS App.

I already own some courses/packs. Can I upgrade?
You already bought some courses / packs and want to upgrade? Get in touch for your custom offer!

Will future products be automatically added to my bundle?
The bundle is a snapshot including the available courses and packs at the time of your purchase. Future courses / packs may not be automatically included.

Is this a subscription to future products?
No. This is a one time payment for the courses/packs currently included in the bundle

What if I have further questions?
We are available to help you with any questions, get in touch via:

    Software Requirements
  • Ableton Live Suite 11.1.6
  • Serum 1.35 (latest Version recommended)
  • 5.5 Gigabytes

Email us anytime for further questions or concerns!

We are PML pic



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