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New in August '18 PML - Start To Finish Melodic Deep 2018 - MIDI files from Francois' Youtube Tutorial
New in July '18 PML - Trap Freebie (Rockstar) Files from Borys' Youtube Tutorial
NEW in April '18: MIDIs for Havana from Alex' Youtube video
NEW in April '18: Sampling with Guido from Guido's Youtube video
NEW in March '18: Operator FM Bass from Borys' Youtube video
NEW in February '18: Free 808 Ableton Project from Guido's Youtube video
Chord Generator Rack from Youtube video
Infographic download: ADSR - Envelope
racks midis Presets
  • Mastering Chain for Future Bass
  • Mastering Chain Rack
  • Simple Vocal Mixing Rack
  • Haas Rack
  • more
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  • Havana+Chords Midi
  • You and Me Midi
  • Tennis Court Midi
  • Kygo Midi
  • Gangnam Midi
  • more
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  • Background Pad Presets
  • Evolving Strings
  • Gliding Bass
  • Trap Kick and Bass
  • more
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Project Files Samples  
  • Start To Finish Tutorial Beat Project
  • Cheerful Trap Project File
  • Progressive House "Wake Up" File
  • Gangnam Project
  • and more
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  • Techno / Drumcode - From Start to Finish - Samples, MIDIs, Presets
  • Beginners with k-pizza - Samples - Midis
  • Techno From Start To Finish Samples (Floor Control)
  • FM Bass Samples (Serum Tutorial)
  • Free Trap Lunacy Samples + MIDIs
  • House Drums in Ableton Beginners 2017 Samples
  • Start in Ableton - Trap Drum Beat 2017
  • PML Vocal Chops Essentials Light Version
  • and more
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