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Deep Premium Vol.1 - Drum Sample Pack (+ optional Ableton Project + Midis)

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Audio Preview: Beats created with Deep Premium Vol.1

Update 1.5: 100 new percussions & bongo sounds  

Professional Drum Sample Pack (just updated to Version 1.5) featuring more than 600 one shot samples of the sounds we created along the way and we are using in our own productions and Youtube tutorials. We are performing ongoing updates on the pack - updates are free for everybody who purchased the pack.


Read first: Description & Specifications

  • The package contains around 600+ samples, including claps, snares, open and closed hihats, rides, effects, percussive elements, bongos and kicks.
  • We decided to offer you the choice between dry and processed samples (Eqed, Reverbed, etc). Therefore some snares, shakers, cymbals, claps and percussives are available in two versions.
  • You're also getting an Ableton project file with it - with 8 drum groove styles grouped into several groups around 8-10 midi tracks (see screenshot below).
  • Check out the demo video on youtube, to get a more detailed overview. The pack also (optionally - select above) comes with the drum section of the ableton project file (template) in the video.
  • You don't need to have any specific software installed. Deep Premium works with every DAW - Ableton users may make additional use of the included Ableton project file.
  • Delivery: You will be getting a zipped file. After your purchase, your personal download link will be available online and also sent to your email. If you run into any further problems or have suggestions on existing or future tutorials, please get in touch via Facebook or email.  

Updates: We're constantly working on new beats and tracks and will be updating Deep Premium from time to time. Updates will be free for everybody who bought Deep Premium at some point in time. 


All samples are
  • 24bit
  • 120 bpm
List of contents:
  • 81 Closed Hihats
  • 38 Open Hihats
  • 70 Claps
  • 12 Cymbals
  • 108 Percussive Elements
  • 14 Rides
  • 16 Shakers
  • 41 Snares
  • 125 Kicks
  • 49 Bongos
  • 11 Toms
  • 25 FX Sounds
  • Ableton project file with 8 grouped MIDI loops in different styles. (optional)

Together with the drum samples, you're also getting an Ableton Project (optional) containing 8 groups of different drum loop styles and their midis - made with Deep Premium only. You can use those groups as starting point for your productions or inspiration (check Screenshots).


Youtube Video: Quick Overview:



Optional Ableton Project:  

Screenshot 1: Ableton Project - Grouped drum midis:  


Screenshot 2: Session View - Different grouped styles midis:  


Screenshot 3: Arrangement View - Different grouped midi styles:  


Deep House Drum Session with Deep Premium:    

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