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Option 2: Ben Boehmer Bundle

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  • Melodic Deep Ableton Sound Pack created together with Francois and PML.
  • 7 Full new Ableton Project Files (Templates). Ready-to-use Ableton Live projects for you to remix, re-edit, use as parts of your own productions.
  • Sample Pack containing 200+ Drum Loops and One Shots.
  • Midi Pack included (100+ files with Chords, Pads and Arps)
  • ✓ Ableton Wavetable Presets (55+ Bass Sounds, Plucks, Pads, Arps, with corresponding Midi file)
  • ✓ Original default Ableton Project for starting new tracks
  • ✓ Bonus: 2 more Ableton Project Files - remade using only Ableton Live elements: Greed, One Sample.

7 Fully editable tracks as Ableton Projects

      • 7 Full Tracks - fully editable and adaptable. Learn by deconstructing. (All sounds made with Wavetable + Operator).
      • Sample Pack with 200+ Samples (Drum Loops and One Shot drum samples)
      • Midi Files (100+ Chords, Pads, Arps)
      • Ableton Wavetable Presets (55+ Bass Sounds, Plucks, Pads, Arps, each one with corresponding Midi file)
      • Bonus: 2 Bonus Templates


7 Fully Arranged Tracks as Ableton Templates

      • Clouds (Ableton Live Project File)
      • Equilibre (Ableton Live Project File)
      • Twisted (Ableton Live Project File)
      • Snow (Ableton Live Project File)
      • Peace (Ableton Live Project File)
      • Home (Ableton Live Project File)
      • Steps Ahead (Ableton Live Project File)
  • Sample Pack containing 200+ Loops and One Shots in the Style of Francois (Drum Loops, One Shots) and lots of bonus samples.
  • Midi files included (100+ Chords, Pads and Arps)
  • Wavetable Presets included (55+ Bass Sounds, Plucks, Pads, Arps, each one with a corresponding Midi file)
  • Bonus: Francois' Original Default Ableton Live - Project for starting new tracks.
  • Bonus Template 1: Greed by Francois
  • Bonus Template 2: One Sample by Francois

Play through video of the Project File "Clouds"

Description & Specifications

Sound Pack:
Francois Rengere: Melodic Deep Sound Pack
Required Software:
Ableton Live (incl. Wavetable and Operator) 10.1.7 or higher


Francois Rengere has released music on labels like Parquet Recordings, Universal Music, Armada Music, Janowitz Records among other labels (visit his soundcloud here).

The following 3 tracks have been released on Parquet Recordings. For this pack, they have been completely remodeled. These project files are now fully working on Ableton Live and stock FX + stock instruments. No 3rd party plugins required.

      • Greed (Ableton Live Project File)
      • Equilibre (Ableton Live Project File)
      • Home (Ableton Live Project File)
  • By getting this pack, you're directly supporting the artist Francois.

Also, this pack will get regular updates! They will be free for everybody who purchased the pack.

Melodic Deep - Ableton Production Pack

  • ✓ 7 Ableton Templates (Project Files)
  • ✓ 1 Sample Pack (200+ Drum Loops & One Shots)
  • ✓ 1 Midi Pack (100+ Chords, Arps)
  • ✓ 1 Wavetable Preset Pack (55+ Bass, Pad, Pluck Sounds)
  • ✓ 1 Default Ableton Live - Start Project
  • Bonus: Ableton Project File 1
  • Bonus: Ableton Project File 2
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Search info and inspiration: Ableton Melodic House Deep House Pack by PML. This pack is designed to create tracks in the style of artists like ben böhmer, lane 8, dezza, dinka, nora en pure, and generally melodic house in the style of anjunadeep.