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Everything Bundle - Collector's Edition 2022 Product Box

Get Everything from 2022 and Before


Did you miss the sale last year? Get 2022's Everything Bundle discounted for a limited time only! Online Courses, Sample & Preset Packs, MIDIs, Bonuses. Get enabled and inspired, invest in your Music Career - Let's Get Started!

*FL Studio products and Logic Pro products are not included in the Everything Bundle!

PML Product Number: PML200-22

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Everything you need to learn to produce your first release. Lifetime access to 41 full-length online courses covering Ableton Live, Sound Design, Music Theory, Producing Tracks Start to Finish and More!


80+ Fully Produced Ableton Project Files, 15+ Artist/"In The Style" Sound Packs, 11000+ Samples, 3500+ Presets for Various Synths, 1500+ Midi Files & Song Starters


The Everything Bundle gives you the sounds and skills you need to produce the club quality music released by today's best labels!

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35+ New Products Added In 2022

These products include some of the additions to the
Everything Bundle Collectors Edition 2022.

Elevate Your Skills

Our Sounds & Courses help you learn what you need to produce high quality music

25+ Preset Packs

Tap into classic PML Sound Series like Cercle Diva Presets. Over 25 Preset Packs will help you find your sound and stay in the production flow.


The Biggest Diva Preset Bundle in our shop. Created by professional producers for Techno, Melodic Techno, House and more.

700+ Diva Presets Crafted By Pro Producers

15+ Artist Sound Packs

Artists & "In the style of" sound packs containing Ableton templates, samples and presets to get you started in various styles of different artists and labels

Featured Pack:

New Edition! Kick off your next Organic House production! Make your tracks sound more alive and natural with over 480+ Samples including 290+ One Shots, Organic Sound, 185+ handcrafted loops, 60 professionally made Diva Presets.

Loops, Samples, Diva Presets, & Templates

These samples were recorded exclusively for Organica Vol 2. All sounds are 100% Royalty-free to use in your personal and professional projects.

Sutera - Included Template

Using the Everything Bundle 2022 Collectors Edition:
Producing Melodic House from Scratch

25+ Sample Packs

Professional Sample Packs, handcrafted and carefully selected for your productions! Our goal is to give you the exact same sounds we and our producers use in releases and live shows, so you can save time and focus on making tracks.

Acoustic Melodic House Themes are the building blocks of organic and dynamic music production. A pack full of inspiration and our cure against writer’s block.

Acoustic Melodic House Themes Vol.2

580+ theme loops expertly recorded by top session musicians in Germany’s best studios and processed by pro producers. Professionally mixed and mastered. Royalty free.

Made with Acoustic Melodic House Themes Vol.2

30+ Online Courses

Learn the complete process! Step-by-step music production lessons, starting with chord writing, sound design, start to finish production sessions and finishing with mixing and mastering lessons. Watch at your own pace.

Featured Course:

Producing a professional Organic House track with Ableton Live 11 + DIVA. A complete start-to-finish production course (Beginner to Intermediate Level).

Produce Organic House Like a Releasing Artist

Free Course Previews

Make good progression screenshot

Harmony & Chord Progressions

Course: How To Write Melodies

Course: Arrangement

Adding Vibes Screen Shot

Course: Melodic House Track from Start To Finish

Adding High Perc Screen Shot

Course: Techno Track From Start To Finsih

Minimal High Pluck Screen shot

Course: High Tech Minimal Track from Start To Finish

Noise Oscillator screenshot

Course: Xfer SERUM + Sound Design

ADSR screenshot

Course: How To Analog Sound Design

Copmression Screen Shot

Course: Mastering From Start To Finish

10+ Masterclasses

Our tutors and producers share everything they know and every sound they build. So you can focus on getting ideas out of your head and on to Spotify.

In this Masterclass, Jimi Jules provides a complete shift of perspective by focusing on the creative process and his workflow of carving ideas out of what first seems to be a chaotic musical mess. “With me you’ll learn to listen to your ideas rather than specific EQ settings” - Jimi Jules

Masterclass: Jimi Jules

80+ Fully Editable Tracks

Over 10+ Albums Worth of Professionally Produced Tracks as Ableton Project Files to Analyze, Alter, and Jump Start Your Own Music. Each Template is Packed with Loops, Presets, Midi and More

Featured Template:

This educational Melodic Techno Project File gives you the sound of the Festival Summer. Our Modern Melodic Techno Template is inspired by the style of artists like Anyma, Massano and Innellea and labels like Afterlife & Radikon.

Go Inside Melodic Techno

Templates Playlist

Look Inside

What Students Are Saying

I got the everything bundle 2022 and its
                          amazing! So much content! & Thank you for preparing them
                          so well, there is so much to learn from! I wanted to thank you for
              everything you do. I've been
              studying your courses since I
              started producing and it's thanks
              to you that I've signed up with
              labels like Krafted. Enormous
              Vision and others. Keep it up! Everybody who is considering to buy this bundle, i can tell you the value you get is incredible and absolutely worth it. Everything is well structured, very detailed and easy to follow at the same
                          time. Especially the beginners course with francois is top notch. I generally have high standards when it comes to tutorials so I often have trouble finding the right ones. They are often poorly
                          structured and jumbled, and assume things that a beginner cannot yet understand. In addition, they are often superficial and leave the listener with more questions than answers. I have now
                          invested about 40 hours in the first courses, including "Beginners to advanced Course 1+2", as well as two courses on music theory, and I can already say that the authors of the courses are
                          doing an excellent job and I have chosen exactly the right ones. Easy to follow, pleasant voice, logic and well structured, a lot of helpful tips you will find (i assume) nowhere else in that kind of
                          format. And the best of all: The huuuuge Bonus content. They also deliver you a load full of chord progressions to help you in getting ideas for new tracks. Thank you so much!! Absolute
                          purchase recommendation! I bought this... unbelievable value for money.
                          Excellent sounds, and the masterclasses are to the point, down to earth, and easy
                          to follow and understand.
                          Love the humility too - something surprisingly rare to find amongst electronic
                          music production courses in my experience. I've now watched the whole
                          course and I can tell you I am SO impressed. No
                          ego, no BS, just a constant wave of golden nuggets
                          of information from Ben. And thanks to Francois
                          superb questions! This is going to be good. I'm one of those
                          aspiring producers, any knowledge from guys like
                          Ben is golden. this is literally something I've been
                          wanting for soo loong. this is just pure gold thx
                          guys thanks so much Ben and
                          Francois!!! I can definitely vouch for the quality of
                          PML vids as I've bought several of their courses.
                          I'm sure this one will be stellar as well! Cheers! Did anybody else buy the PML bundle?? I
                          copped it bc i watched through the harmony
                          bundle and was so satisfied with it and after
                          watching just one course of their start to
                          finish courses my knowledge seems to just
                          have exploded lol Dear Francois & Tom, I've been a member of your courses for a bit over a year now and
                          really really enjoying it. I ve enrolled to a couple of course, and your methodology is clear,
                          instructive, and creative and really helps me to get on with my production. I ve surfed the
                          Internet over and over and nothing comes close to your courses, so thumbs up, and keep
                          up the good work! I would just like to say that i have purchased the Beginners Course: Making A Track from
                          Start To Finish in Ableton Live, and i have say that this is the best course i have ever seen.
                          Thank you so much for this PML. if i can't make music after watching your courses, i don't
                          think i ever will.... I would just like to say that i have purchased the Beginners Course: Making A Track from
                          Start To Finish in Ableton Live, and i have say that this is the best course i have ever seen.
                          Thank you so much for this PML. if i can't make music after watching your courses, i don't
                          think i ever will.... I just finished that course yesterday. I never had anyone explain mixing, or especially
                          compression as well as you guys Whoa ~ your courses are the best investment I've made in some time !! Game on.

EVERYTHING You Need to Level Up!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the Everything Bundle. One refund per person.

FAQs and Requirements

Is this a subscription?
No it is a one time payment that includes the products listed here.

When do the courses start and finish?
The courses starts now and never ends! They are completely self-paced online courses - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the courses?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the courses for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Do I need to own specific Software / Plugins / Packs?
This bundle is based around Ableton Live. You don't need it to watch the courses but it is ideal to have :) If you have any questions, hit us with a quick email.

What if I am unhappy with my order?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the Everything Bundle. One refund per person.

How do I download files?
After purchase you will receive an email with your personal download link - it will be sent to the email you use for the purchase. If you don’t see it, quickly check your spam folder and if you have any issues, email support@productionmusiclive.com.

What type of audio files are the samples?
24bit 44.1K WAV Files

License: Can I release this without any edits?
This is not possible. All rights not expressly granted to the user are reserved. See our Licensing Agreement for further info. For commercial license, E-Mail us.

How do I access course files, if any are included?
If you're getting the basic course option, a download link will be provided above or below the video of the first or second lecture of the course (usually named 'Setup & Downloads'). In case you're getting the course with one of the pack options, the additional packs will be delivered to you via email.

Where will I be able to log into my course?
The courses are hosted on another server. Once you've bought a course, you'll be getting a mail saying "Redeem your copy of "Course …"". Follow the "Confirm your account" link in that mail and you will end up on the course-platform. There, you'll need to pick your password and log in. Your profile info will be already prepared for you. You can then always log in here:

PML Courses Login.
If you already have a courses account, the new course will be added to your profile (assuming you buy it using the same email address associated with that account). If you have an account but buy a new course using a different email, get in touch and we will manually add it to your existing account.

There is one way of watching videos offline for example if you are travelling with an iPad and you are not always within reach of a stable internet connection: We have activated the option of MyTeachable accounts on our videos so you can watch videos offline through the “Teachable Online Courses” iOS App.

I already own some courses/packs. Can I upgrade?
You already bought some courses / packs and want to upgrade? Log in here to see about your personal discount offers!

Will future courses be automatically added to my bundle?
Yes! The Everything Bundle - Edition 22 will include all new courses released until the end the year, 2022.

Why is my price in USD effectively a bit higher when paying through PayPal?
It’s possible to pay with USD, however your USD will be converted to Euro after checkout.

Please keep in mind the USD price conversion shown in the shop is an approximation taking into account today's exchange rate between EUR and USD. If you’re paying through PayPal for example, additional transfer fees might occur.

Since PML’s business is located in Europe, the final currency to be effectively transferred is EURO.

What if I have further questions?
We are available to help you with any questions, get in touch via: support@productionmusiclive.com


No specific software is required to watch our courses. If you want to produce alongside Start to Finish courses, below you can find an overview of the different software we use. Most courses only require Ableton Live + one third party VST synth.

Software Used In Our Courses

  • Ableton Live 10.1 Standard (or higher)- 41+ Courses
    • Used in all Start to Finish courses.
      Note: Ableton 11 Beginners Course Requires Ableton 11 Standard
      Note: Select courses require elements from Ableton 10 Suite (Operator + Wavetable)
  • Xfer Serum 1.113 (or higher) - 3 Courses
    • Tech House Start to Finish
    • Melodic Progressive House Start to Finish
    • Pop Start to Finish
  • U-He Diva VST/AU v1.4.1 (or higher) - 1 Courses
    • Melodic House Start to Finish Vol. 2
  • Arturia MINI V3 3.1.xx (or higher) - 1 Courses
    • Analog Melodic Techno Start to Finish

Sound Packs

Ableton Live 10 + Serum or Diva is the minimum setup used in the majority of Templates and SoundPacks.
If you are wondering about CPU usage, we’ve been using 7th gen intel i7's at around 30% - it may help to freeze some VST tracks just in case.

You do not need all the software listed below. Samples and MIDI require no 3rd party software. If you have all the software listed below you can use EVERY SINGLE THING in the Everything Bundle, however with Ableton Live 10 Suite + Serum or Diva you can use the majority of packs in the Everything Bundle.

  • Ableton Live 11 Suite or higher
  • Xfer Serum 1.113 or higher
  • U-He Diva VST/AU v1.4.1 or higher
  • Arturia MINI V3 or higher

Software Used In Only a Few Packs: Massive 1.3.xx or higher, Sylenth1 V3 or higher, U-He Repro-5 1.1.1 or higher (used in 1 Preset Pack, Arturia Pigments 3 (used in 1 Preset Pack)

Third party software and Ableton Live are NOT included with your purchase of the Everything Bundle

  • Approximately 52 GB of storage space is required for all files (samples, presests, templates ect.) when you unpack the zipped files.

Email us anytime for further questions or concerns!

Everything Bundle List of Contents

A value of €5264 in courses, masterclasses, presets, sounds, midi and more.

General Info
Number of included Courses 40+
Number of included Sound Packs 120+
Number of Sounds 40000+
Sample Library 30GB
Download Size 52GB
Upgrade Price (with Link)* Log into your account to see your upgrade price
New Products (Added in 2022) Over €1500 in value added in 2022!
New Sound Packs {{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
New Ableton Project Files {{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
New Courses {{p.title}} {{index}} {{p.inside}}
Songwriting Courses {{course.title}} {{course.inside}}
Start to Finish {{course.title}} {{course.inside}}
Sound Design {{course.title}} {{course.inside}}
Mixing and Mastering {{course.title}} {{course.inside}}
Master Classes {{course.title}} {{course.inside}}
Sample Packs
{{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
Sample Packs x Team
{{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
Sound Packs x Artists
{{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
Preset Packs
Diva Presets {{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
Serum Presets {{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
Vita Presets {{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
More Bonus Presets (Ableton Wavetable, Repro, Sub37, Pigments, Massive X) {{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
MIDI Packs
{{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
Ableton Templates x Project Files *35+ more project files are part of the "Sound Packs X Artists"
{{p.title}} {{p.inside}}

Legacy Products On Demand

To keep your hard drive clear of clutter we have curated the Everything Bundle of the outdated products listed below. Those who purchase an Everything Bundle, Edition 2021 or later, are entitled to download any of these products on demand.

Available for versions 2022 and LATER of the Everything Bundle
Legacy Courses
{{course.title}} {{course.inside}}
Legacy Ableton Project Files
EDM {{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
House {{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
Pop {{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
Racks {{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
Trap {{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
Legacy MIDI Packs
{{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
Legacy Preset Packs
{{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
Legacy Sample Packs
{{p.title}} {{p.inside}}
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