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Course: How I Built My Home Studio Product Box

Course: How I Built My Home Studio

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Flash Sale: 30% Off!

Flash Sale: 30% Off!

Options from €32,90 €47,00

See every step building out a professional home studio. Includes a Masterclass in Acoustic Treatment, building Euro Racks, Advanced Audio / Midi Setup and The Ultimate Studio Monitor Setup Guide

PML Product Number: PML128

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Course: How I Built My Home Studio

from €32,90 €47,00

Flash Sale: 30% Off!

Course: How I Built My Home Studio

from €32,90
€32,90 €47,00

Follow Along the Entire Build of this Home Studio

Shots from the course platform and ablton push

About this Course

In this course Attila (PML Tutor) will show you the full process of building this Home Studio from the ground up, while going through a ton of important knowledge about building and operating a Home Studio. Everything is explained in deep detail.

Pick up tricks and skills, save time and money by learning techniques and shortcuts from virtually every aspect of a studio build.

Software Requirments: No third party software is required to take this course.

What You Get

  • A complete course, watch all tutorials at your own pace, as many times as you want
  • 110+ Studio Sessions in 4K with Attila
  • 8+ Hours of content

What you will learn from this course

  • Studio room layout planning and construction
  • DIY Studio furniture and Acoustic Panels
  • Acoustic Treatment how to, in deep detail
  • Setting up computers, screens and software (DAW, Plugins, MIDI, etc.)
  • Studios for Different Budgets (from starting out, to building a complex Home Studio)
  • How to choose, set up and calibrate Monitor Speakers and Subwoofers Properly
  • Sonarworks and other Room Measurement Options
  • The 6 MYTHS of Home Studio Acoustic Treatment feat. the ACOUSTIC INSIDER
  • Learn about Mixers, Preamps, Patchbays and Hardware Effects
  • Discussing Audio Cables (price, quality, benefits)
  • Audio interfaces, A/D Converters, Word Clock, Sample Rate settings
  • Master Audio routings & flow, connections and wiring, Cable management
  • All about MIDI, connections, routing, software
  • Working with MIDI controllers and keyboards
  • MIDI setups for different budgets
  • Hardware Synths and Drums in a Home Studio (wiring, control via MIDI, recording, etc)
  • Building a Eurorack Modular Synth
  • Eurorack and other Hardware Synths and Drums for Different Budgets
  • Efficient layout design for external Synths, Effects and Controllers
  • Studio organization, labelling and maintenance
  • Learn important DIY skills to save money and time

Course Introduction

Course Overview

PART 1 - Welcome

Meet Attila Hanak, your Course Instructor, take a tour of the finished studio.

PART 2 - Let's Build

Follow the construction of the Studio Room and the initial acoustic treatment

PART 3 - Building Custom Studio Desk

PART 4 - Finishing the Acoustic Wall

PART 5 - Unpacking Studio Equipment

Preparing equipment for installation with some planning and brainstorming about the layout's design

PART 6 - Building OSCAR's Rack

Planning, DIY design and build of the rack unit that will eventually house OSCAR the Eurorack Synth

PART 7 - Mounting Computer Screens

DIY design and build of the mounting system for the triple-screen computer monitor setup

PART 8 - Setting up Studio Monitors

Follow along as Attila plans and executes the installation of one of the most important aspects of a Home Studio, the Monitor Speakers. This will be our first listening test.

PART 9 - Sonarworks Calibration

Full walkthrough and details of a Sonarworks speaker calibration. Follow along as Attila goes through every step of this calibration with detailed explanations and interesting recordings of the process of the software itself in work, as well as the calibration steps with the microphone (with a huge surprise at the end)


(More Info Below)

PART 11 - The Ultimate Studio Monitor Setup Guide

(More info below)

PART 12 - Audio Interfaces, Preamps, Word Clocks, A/D Converters and Routings

Join in as Attila sets up a 32 x 32 I/O Channel audio matrix

PART 13 - Audio Wiring and Routings

Discussing audio cables, the pros and cons of expensive vs. cheap cables and some preliminary talks about patchbays

PART 14 - Building OSCAR The Eurorack Synth

Follow along the build of Attila's massive Eurorack system, with thorough explanations of choices re: module placement, electrical supply details, MIDI and other control possibilities, audio in and out matrix. Learn about the evolution of OSCAR while getting some answers to the all important "How Do I Start With Eurorack??" question

PART 15 - Layout for Pre-wired Synths, Drum Machines and Hardware FX

Designing and executing the installation of the rest of the hardware devices with thorough explanations along the way

PART 16 - Patchbays and Wiring of External Instruments and FX

Comprehensive setup guide of external devices via mixers and patchbays. In this chapter you will also learn everything there is to know about using Patchbays in a Home Studio setting

PART 17 - All About MIDI

Let's talk MIDI! This chapter will give you a professional insight to using MIDI in your studio, starting from its history, through learning about different controllers, options for connections, MIDI for different budgets, the software side of MIDI, troubleshooting problems and the entire chain of events that goes down when you play a note on a MIDI controller.

PART 18 - Final Steps

Recap of audio routings, calibrating preamp levels and the reason behind, learning about "clipping" and finally finishing up the build!

PART 19 - We Built it ... so Now What??

Learn about efficient ways of maintaining a Home Studio so that your Sanctuary gives you joy for a very long time. Learn about the tools of the trade for cleaning and upkeeping. Get insight on a few DIY tips and tricks that will save you a lot of time AND money. In this chapter we finish up by Attila answering YOUR questions from PML's Instagram interactions and your emails.

PART 20 - Bonus Content

This section will continuously stay updated with new material. Now we start you off with a few studio tours of guest producers and experts in the field!

Course Curriculum


This is a MasterClass inside a MasterClass!

Jesco, a.k.a. "The Acoustic Insider" is a Professional Studio Acoustic Expert, debunking 6 serious myths about Home Studio Acoustic Treatment, while giving you an immense amount of valuable information and knowledge on how to work this sensitive issue properly.

At the end, he shares with you his entire Home Studio Treatment Framework which you can download and use in your own studio


In this "course inside a course" type series of tutorials, you will learn about the intricate details of setting up your studio monitors properly..

..because yes, there is a lot more to that, than just simply opening a box, dropping the speakers on your desk or a stand and connecting a few cables...

This chapter will take your setup from "just ok" to stellar, by guiding you through that last 5% of crucial steps of a proper installation, that most of us don't even really know we need to take, in order to achieve maximum performance.

Follow Attila as he walks you through the entire process, from choosing the right set of monitors/sub for your room, to unboxing, diving into the manuals, planning placement, DIY building the shelf to hold the cabinets, full wiring details, subwoofer placement, stereo field alignment and calibrating monitor levels.

Attila also explains the importance of phase cancellation related issues and shows you how to properly calibrate your subwoofer's phase to give you the best possible monitoring system

This is not a chapter you'll want to miss! Take a look at this free preview:

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"It's an awesome course. Very detailed and thorough. I've been producing for a long time but it's just great to pick up little tips, tricks and also to get a different perspective and to gain knowledge. When people including me can drop thousands of $ on hardware and software, spending 30 on something which actually helps you make your productions sound better is a no brainer."
- Adrian M. (via Facebook comment)
"It’s superb, I’m looking to purchase a lot more walk through a solely based off this package!!! Best tutorial I've experienced"
-Paul S. (via Facebook comment)
"I'm learning so much from your stuff it's ridiculous. A huge "THANK YOU" goes out to you, keep up the great work :)"
- Denis

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FAQs and Requirements

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the courses?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the courses for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What type of audio files are the samples?
24bit 44.1K WAV Files

What if I am unhappy with my order?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 48 hours and we will give you a full refund - due to the digital download nature of the optional sound packs, we can only refund the courses parts. No refund on bulk / pack orders. One refund per person.

How do I access course files, if any are included?
If you're getting the basic course option, a download link will be provided above or below the video of the first or second lecture of the course (usually named 'Setup & Downloads'). In case you're getting the course with one of the pack options, the additional packs will be delivered to you via email.

Where will I be able to log into my course?
The courses are hosted on another server. Once you've bought a course, you'll be getting a mail saying "Redeem your copy of "Course …"". Follow the "Confirm your account" link in that mail and you will end up on the course-platform. There, you'll need to pick your password and log in. Your profile info will be already prepared for you. You can then always log in here:

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If you already have a courses account, the new course will be added to your profile (assuming you buy it using the same email address associated with that account). If you have an account but buy a new course using a different email, get in touch and we will manually add it to your existing account.

There is one way of watching videos offline for example if you are travelling with an iPad and you are not always within reach of a stable internet connection: We have activated the option of MyTeachable accounts on our videos so you can watch videos offline through the “Teachable Online Courses” iOS App.

I already own some courses/packs. Can I upgrade?
You already bought some courses / packs and want to upgrade? Get in touch for your custom offer!

Will future courses be automatically added to my bundle?
The bundle is a snapshot including the available courses and packs at the time of your purchase. Future courses / packs will not be automatically included.

Is this a subscription to future products?
No. This is a one time payment for the courses/packs currently included in the bundle

What if I have further questions?
We are available to help you with any questions, get in touch via: support@productionmusiclive.com

There are no software requirements to take this course.

Email us anytime for further questions or concerns!

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