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Producer Essentials

Free: Producer Essentials

This collection contains essential Ableton racks, production cheat sheets, royalty-free drum one-hits, loops, vocal samples and MIDI chords to instantly inspire your next track!

100% Royalty-Free for personal and professional projects 🚀

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Rack Attack Vol. 1

This premium suite of native Ableton racks will take your productions to the next level!

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15 Pro Ableton Racks

Save time and get better mixes with these free Ableton racks.

  • PML - Chord Generator
  • PML - Texturize
  • PML - Flutter (One-Knob)
  • PML - Wider (One-Knob)
  • PML - Modulation FX
  • PML - Wash-Out (Send & Return)
  • PML - Side-Chain
  • PML - Magic EQ
  • PML - Vocal Mix
  • PML - Space Maker
  • PML - Kick Suite
  • PML - Mastering Suite
  • PML - Snare Clap Mixdown
  • PML - Endless Cry
  • PML - DJ Mixer

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Chord Generator Example: Creating chords with one MIDI note, on/off comparison

Modulator Rack Example: Making percussion more exciting.

Space Maker Rack Example: carving out space for vocals in a mix.

Aperitivo Sample Pack

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Select Sounds Produced by Pro Artists

This pack includes select samples from Acoustic Melodic House, Deep Premium 5, Organica, Deep & Tech House Songstarters, and Cioz Artist Pack.


Vocal Atmos Female Light

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50+ Premium Samples and Vocal Loops

Introducing Female Vocal Atmos Light, the carefully curated selection for Melodic & Organic House, Ambient or Lo-Fi - and basically any other genre you like to produce. These vocals are ready to use in any of your existing tracks (with many different keys covered) AND they will inspire you to produce complete new tracks around a vocal you like.


Cheat Sheets for Producers

Essential Knowledge on compression, EQ and more right at finger tips, visually explained so you can get the most out of your productions..

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Essential Cheat Sheets

  • Compression Explained
    • Compression Overview Sheet
    • Threshold Explained Sheet
    • Attack Explained Sheet
    • Ratio Explained Sheet
    • Release Explained Sheet
  • Frequency Cheat Sheet
  • Classic Chord Progressions

Discover the inner workings of a compressor through simple explanations and illustrative images. Understand the important features like Attack, Release, Threshold and Ratio.

Learn classic chord progressions and use them in your next project. Every chord progression is connected to a mood (Happy, Sad, Chill).

Understanding the frequency spectrum is essential for a balanced mix. Say goodbye to trial and error. Our frequency cheat sheet provides a comprehensive overview of the frequency bands, including tips and tricks for each range. Spend more time creating and less time guessing.

Chord Sheets Frequency cheat sheet Compression Explained cheat sheet

Midi Pack - Chords For Life

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Jump Start Your Next Track!

MIDI Pack featuring 20 quality MIDI files we created along the way of our own productions and Youtube tutorials. You will find Midi Files for your House & Techno productions, but you can also use them for your Pop productions.


BONUS: Ableton Song Starter Template

Use this fully mixed and mastered Ableton template to jump start your next track. This template utilizes racks and samples inside this collection.


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