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This Melodic Techno track in the style of Stephan Bodzin, Afterlife and Tale of Us will give you straight access to a professionally arranged production. All sounds, samples and presets are specifically designed to fasten up your production process and bring you the warmth of analog sounding synths and drums.

Ableton Template - Melodic Techno

Sample Pack (170 Samples)

Arturia Preset Pack (100 Presets & 100 MIDI)


DAW / VST plugin:
Ableton Live Suite version 10.0.5 & The Arturia Mini V3 v. 3.2.0
E Major.
Samples, Presets:
All samples and presets are royalty free.
Further Info:
In 80+ MIDI & AUDIO tracks and with over 50 samples specifically designed for this gengre, you get a perfect overview on how Melodic Techno is created. Dive into the arrangement and sounds and learn to produce your own track in this style.


VST Plugin:
Arturia Mini V3 version 3.2.0
100 Presets:
30 Bass, 43 Lead, 16 Pad, 6 Sequence, 5 SFX, 100 x MIDI files (one for each preset)
All samples and presets are royalty free.
Further Info:
The Arturia Mini 3 VST is one of the richest and analog sounding VST synths out there. We have designed 100 presets and 100 MIDIs to get you started right away.


170 Samples, 24Bit,
63 Kicks, 35 Claps/Snares, 33 Hihat/Cymbals, 33 Percussions, 41 Toms, 15 FX Samples
Samples, Presets:
All samples and presets are royalty free.
Further Info:
This drum sample pack was created to fit the style of warm and analog sounding Melodic Techno tracks

Techno Bundle 2018 

(Version 11/18).

Templates & Sounds

✓ Melodic Techno Ableton Template

✓ 100 Arturia Mini V3 Presets

✓ 100 MIDI Files

✓ 170 Drum Samples

✓ Bonus: Sub37 Preset

Sold out

Full Techno Bundle 

(Version 11/18).


✓ Techno Track - From Start to Finish

✓ Melodic Techno Track - From Start to Finish

✓ Analog Techno Track - From Start to Finish

✓ Masterclass - Mix & Mastering Techno

✓ Arrangement - Learn the Structure

behind Successful Songs

Templates & Sounds

✓ Over 19 Techno Templates

✓ 3000+ Techno Samples, Presets & MIDI

✓ including all components of the

Techno Bundle 2018

Sold out

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Eddy Barbour known as the producer Barbour created this warm and melodic track for PML - accompanied with a full on sample and preset pack. He published tracks on labels like “Traum Schallplatten” and is currently recording his new album. Check him out!

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Software, DAW: Ableton Live 10 Standard or higher
VST plugin: Arturia Mini V3 VST
Samples, Presets: All used samples and Arturia Mini V 3 presets are part of the project file as well.
Important: Make sure you have the above mentioned necessary software / plugins installed on your system!

Search info: Producing berlin deep techno inspired by the style of artists like rodriguez jr, stephan bodzin, animal picnic, pan pot and labels like stil vor talent, diynamic music, innervisions, steyoyoke. The characteristics of the style are analog bass sounds, warm lead sounds. The style remake templates are easily customizable .als files including all midis, presets and samples, so you can use it to remix, or as techno stems.