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MASSIVE Presets FULL Pack (save 40%)

MASSIVE Presets FULL Pack (save 40%)

€87.90 €218.00
  • NI Massive Full Preset Pack for Native Instruments Massive 1.3.xx (and higher). 
  • More than 900 expertly crafted presets. 
  • Save valuable time during your creative process, focus on the production of your track
  • Also included: MIDI & Template versions
  • SAVE at least 40% on the single price
  • For upgrades / cross-grades get in touch via mail.

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  • Pack: Massive Full Preset Pack (zipped file)
  • Inside: Massive sounds we created while working on several deep house, future bass, tropical house, future house, electronica tracks and chillstep tracks. The .zip file contains over 880 powerful presets expertly crafted for Massive (worked them on a 1.3.+). They will help you jump-start your production process. Check out the MIDI and template upgrades, they will help you understand how to get those presets into action. There many signature sound inside, inspired by artists like Flume, Matoma, What So Not, Odesza, Garrix and many more.


1. Presets

  • 80+ Deep House Presets
  • 75+ Future Chill / EDM Presets
  • 150+ Tropical House Presets
  • 160+ Future House Presets
  • 85+ Future Bass Presets
  • 75+ Electronica/Deep House Presets
  • 85+ Progressive House
  • 60+ Future Beat Presets
  • 130+ Boiler Production Presets
  • 100+ Future Pop / Moombahton Presets
  2. Midi Files
  • 350+ MIDI files containing all sorts of song ideas
  3. Free bonus: Ableton Project
  • Ableton Live 9 Projects (Standard Editions) - containing various song ideas for each single preset pack in session and arrangement mode.
  • This offers you a quick start into learning the essentials of different EDM sub genres.
  • You're getting plenty of song ideas to start from.
  • We are helping you out with actually using those presets in the right way by crafting the presets into fully developed stems.
  • 900+ Quality Massive Presets (details above)
  • 350+ MIDI files containing song ideas
  • 8 Ableton templates

Free updates on improved packs: - we're constantly reworking our packs - you can get the updated future versions for free  


Pack Story:

We used to have great ideas for songs but then got stuck in the process of making them because of losing too much time in the process of finding or creating the right preset or sound in the synth. 

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine you could take that idea, quickly browse your extended preset library - a wide collection of clear go-to presets, smooth production starters, crisp signature lead and key sounds, crunchy bass presets and velvety pad sounds - select your preferred preset that works best for the start and then move on to the next element / instrument. 

We’ve taken a lot of studio time to create exactly this browsable collection. Whenever we recreated some famous artist’s signature sound (some of them can be found in sound design tutorials on our youtube channel) or thought we just made a production-essential preset, we've put it into the package.

After we compiled that pack, we found ourselves to be tremendously more inspired and motivated because we’re saving so much valuable time in the beginning of the production process, and we’ve gotten a lot more productive. 

The pack provides you with more than 900 presets. If you’re looking for an even quicker way to start your productions, grab the Presets+MIDI version, or if you’re using Ableton Live, go get the template version (Presets, MIDIs & Template). In the free bonus Ableton template, you will find countless mini productions, giving you great starting points for your own tracks and even more important: showing you how to put those presets into scene. 




"LOVE these presets btw. Using them a lot!" - Caleb 

"WOW! you guys just created my new go to presets!" - Patrick

"Best bunch of € I've spent this month ahah congrats man" - Jeremy




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