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Lazer Style - Ableton Template

Lazer Style - Ableton Template

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Lazer style template designed for Ableton Live 9 & Native Instruments Massive 1.3.xx

Audio Preview:  



Specifications (please read first - needed to run this template):

  • Template: "Lazer Style" Template Live 9 (simple zipped Ableton Project)
  • Software, DAW: Ableton Live 9 Standard
  • VSTi Plugins: Massive 1.3.xx
  • Ableton Packs (optional, we have a copied .wav of the Strings & Drums in Simpler devices): Orchestral Strings, Latin Percussion, Guitar and Bass
  • Info: 45 Audio & Midi tracks
  • Hardware: If you run into any CPU issues - we’re using a 3rd generation intel i7 at around 30% here - make sure to use Ableton's freezing function on some Massive tracks.
  • Drums: All drum sounds are part of this zipped project.


Also available: "Song Kit" version - including MIDIs, Samples and Presets of this template ready to use in other DAWs such as Logic Pro, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Cubase. Select it from dropdown menu above.


Screenshot 1: Drums:

Lazer Drums  

Screenshot 2: Instruments:


Lazer Instruments  


Remake Video: