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Free: Acoustic Melodic House 4 Bonus Pack

Try out 100 bonus samples created in the process of making Acoustic Melodic House Vol.4 not found anywhere else!

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Get 100 Professional Samples

About This Pack

Crafted in partnership with Orchestral Tools, this free bonus version offers 100 bonus samples not found anywhere else made in the creation of our premium melodic and percussive themes, primed to set your tracks on an evolutionary journey.

Teaming up with six of our favorite producers, we’ve created mesmerizing song starters, cinematic atmospheres, captivating chord progressions and organic percussions.

Explore over 100 theme loops meticulously recorded by renowned session musicians in Germany’s top-notch studios and professionally processed by our favorite producers. Each loop is mixed and mastered to ensure the highest quality. Royalty free.

100 Royalty-Free Samples Inside

  • 9 Arps
  • 8 Atmos
  • 6 Bass
  • 10 Combo
  • 26 Harmonic and Chords
  • 20 Tonal Percussions
  • 24 Percussions
  • 16 Sequences

Required Software: No software required

Get over 500+ Samples from Acoustic Melodic House Themes Vol.4

Sample Previews

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Acoustic Melodic House Themes - Vol.4

Acoustic Melodic House Themes Vol. 4 is the ultimate fusion of the finest orchestral samples with today's Melodic House & Techno producers. Discover a collection of melodies, tonal percussion, and song starter loops, igniting boundless creative inspiration

530+ melodic and percussive themes:
  • 25 Arp Loops
  • 21 Atmos
  • 23 Bass Loops
  • 41 Combo
  • 29 FX & Texture
  • 100 Harmonic & Chord
  • 83 Percussion
  • 122 Tonal Percussion
  • 90 Sequences
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