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Missing Files & Packs

We have a "Specifications: Read First" list on each product page. Make sure to check that list before your purchase. Most of our templates using 3rd party plugins and/or Ableton packs are fully equipped with additional "Simpler" channels containing recorded versions of external tools inside of a Simpler device. Those Simpler devices can be found right below the channels with external content and only need to be activated (they are "off" by default). After that, you'll still get a "file missing" message, but you'll be able to play everything thats part of the template / track.


Solution to the most common problem:

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MASSIVE File Format

Problem: Massive doesn't open the presets, it asks for .KSD files

Solution: Be sure to work with versions of NI Massive above 1.3.xx to be able to use our preset packs. We will remind you to check your version of Massive before buying products in each of the "Read First" sections on our product pages.


"I can’t seem to open the nmsv files on Massive. It only can read ksd, May I know how to use the Massive presets?"

"Hi, as we have written in the "read first" section on our product pages:
"Tropical House presets designed for Native Instruments Massive 1.3.xx (and higher)"
If you're only able to open .ksd in Massive, you're using an old version of Massive. A couple of years ago, Native Instruments changed their file formats from .ksd to .nmsv. So we are asking everybody to make sure they are running a version of MASSIVE 1.3.xx or higher. Presets can't be converted from .nmsv to .ksd. It is however possible to convert old .ksd presets to new .nmsv presets. If you own an old version of Massive, be sure to update it to a version above 1.3.xx."

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