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Easy Start Pack - Ableton Templates, MIDIs, Samples (more than 33% off)

Easy Start Pack - Ableton Templates, MIDIs, Samples (more than 33% off)


PML "Easy Start Pack": Perfect for starters - Start your Ableton experience with 2 full song templates (including explanatory start to finish video on youtube) and one "session view" live performance template, predesigned helpful mixing, mastering and DJing racks for Ableton, MIDI files to help you get creative in terms of chord progressions and melodies, and (optional with the full version) 600 high quality drum sounds inside of "Deep Premium Vol.1" helping you to achieve powerful and organic sounding beats.

  • Basic Version: 19.90
  • Full Version: 34.90 (includes Deep Premium V1 Sample Pack (Template Edition)


Audio Preview - Template 1: Summer Deep House (Schulz Style) 



Audio Preview - Template 2: We Start To Finish 



  • "We Start To Finish" - Full Song Ableton Template
  • "Summer Deep House" - Ableton Template
  • "Session View" - Ableton Live Performance Template
  • "MIDIs" - 45+ Midi Files for Melodies, Pads, Bass
  • "Mixing Tools" - Ableton Template containing our predesigned Mixing Tools
  • "Mastering Chain" - Complete Ableton only Mastering Chain
  • "DJ Start Template" - Including predesigned racks for using Ableton for DJing
  • OPTIONAL (Full Version): "Deep Premium Vol.1 Sample Pack - Over 600 Drum Samples
  • OPTIONAL (Full Version): "Deep Premium Drums Template" - Template containing 8 complex of predesigned drum beats (including MIDIs) - check "video" tab
  • Software, DAW: Ableton Live 9 Standard + Operator
  • Process: Read the "specifications" and make sure you have the mentioned necessary software, packs and plugins installed on your system. You will be getting zipped files. Check our FAQ for "missing file" problems. If you run into any further problems or have suggestions on existing or future tutorials, please get in touch via Facebook or email.


Corresponding Videos (Tutorials)

 Playlist Contents:

  1. Basic: Producing a complete track Start to Finish (Arrangement View)
  2. Basic: Producing a track from scratch in the Session View
  3. Basic: Producing a Pop Deep House Track (Schulz Style)
  4. Basic: Mastering with Ableton built-in effects + Racks
  5. Basic: Setting up a default template for increased productivity
  6. Basic: Setting up effect racks for DJing with Ableton Live.
  7. Basic: Creating a powerful pad sound with Ableton Operator 
  8. Optional Full Version: Deep Premium Vol. 1 - Drum Sample pack overview


Examples of beats made with Deep Premium Vol.1 - Drum Sample Pack (only with the Full Version):


Screenshot: We Start To Finish Template:


Screenshot: Summer Deep House Schulz Style Template:


Screenshot: Mastering Chain:


Screenshot: Mixing Tool (for a quick EQing process):

Mixing Tool

Screenshot: DJing Racks (perfect for DJing with Ableton Live)

Screenshot: Drums Template (Optional):


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