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Complete Pack 2 (more than 40% off on 20 Templates)

€167.90 €286.00
Read first: Description & Specifications
  • Pack: "Complete Templates" (20 zipped Ableton Live 9 projects) - everything we produced from mid 2015 to Spring 2016
  • Software, DAW: Ableton Live 9 Standard
  • VSTi Plugins: Massive 1.3.xx
  • Ableton Packs (optional, extra wavs are in Simpler): The Grand Piano, Orchestral Strings, Woodwinds, Brasses, Mallets, Guitar & Bass
  • Process: After your purchase you will receive an email with your personal download link (within a few minutes). Make sure you have the mentioned necessary software, packs and plugins installed on your system. If you run into any problems or have suggestions on existing or future tutorials, please get in touch via Facebook or email.
  • You don't actually need the Ableton packs, but the sound is better with them. If you don't have them, play everything with the Simpler (always below the pack tracks). Make sure to turn those "copy" tracks on in the project. 
  • Hardware: If you run into any CPU issues - we’re using a 3rd generation intel i7 at around 30% here - make sure to use Ableton's freezing function on some Massive tracks.
  • Drums & MIDIs: All drum sounds are part of the zipped projects, just like all the MIDIs.

Get more than 40% off the single price for these templates!

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