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This Producer is Unstoppable

PML Team

Maybe you’ve watched one of our Ableton tutorials made by Francois, maybe you’ve gone through a Sound Pack designed by Tom, maybe you’ve learned some vocal processing tricks on a vocal sung by Alex

It’s also very likely that you’ve seen a short Instagram video produced by Max.


Yes Max! 

We would like to introduce our new PML team member!

Max is responsible for most of the helpful video tips on Instagram.

Max was a PML follower for a long time. He's incredibly talented and productive! 

He just moved to another country to come work with us.

We are happy and proud to have him on our team!

Welcome Max!

max pml 

Max is incapable ... of getting stuck.

Because when you know what you are doing, you won't get stuck in the loop!

You don't procrastinate. You just do. 

Thats exactly what we are going to help YOU with.


This is what you can expect from us

We are here to help you make better music and finish more of your tracks.

We are extremely passionate about electronic music production and highly dedicated to sharing our knowledge on using the best techniques, so you can reach your goals faster and produce better tracks!


  1. You will find daily production tips on our Instagram Channel - little tricks and secrets that will help you learn a little something while you are waiting for the bus, stand in line for coffee or just need some super quick inspiration in the studio. 
  2. On a weekly basis, we are adding professional tutorial sessions of highest quality sound design and production to our Youtube Channel. If you want to dive deeper into music production and get a profound understanding, feel free to subscribe.
  3. Our Complete Online Music Production Academy is aimed at creating producers who know exactly what they are doing. From Start to Finish. It grows in community members every day and we add new video lessons and sounds all the time. You can access all courses online as often as you want, learn at your own speed and re-watch all sessions. We conceptualize and record all lessons in a way that is easy to follow and understand.


By the way: Now is the best time of the year to get started: 

>>> Go To Website for Black Friday Offers




Need help with inspiration? Hardware can definitely help. There's something to making music by touch and feel rather than clicking with your mouse all day long. Push 2 is a great start for a midi controller.

With Push 2 from Ableton, you can fully control your Ableton interface from the push of a few buttons. Whether you're producing or want to take your live sets to the next level, the Push 2 is a vital piece of gear.

Does the Push 2 with all its buttons feel complicated?

Trust me, it's not!

Make Music "By Feel" And Take Your Live Sets To the Next Level - with Push 2 Masterclass

Push 2 MasterClass by Production Music Live

In our Push 2 Masterclass, we'll take you for a deep dive into Push 2, teaching you all its features, settings and workflows.

Just a few hours after unboxing - become an absolute expert in how to work with this incredible midi controller... whether in the studio, or playing live in a club.

In Only A Few Hours, You'll Learn How To:

 Build a Complete Track Using Push 2

 Produce Better Music With the Push 2

 Create Incredible Scales and Melodic Pads

 Make Your Drum Loops Finally Sound As They Should

 Setup And Optimize Push 2 To Fit Your Workflow

... and much more.

Get instant access and learn everything about Push 2 now.

Learn Push 2 Now

Watch the introduction video for the course here:


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