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New features in Ableton Live 9.7

Ableton Live 9.7

Quick check, what's new in Ableton Live 9.7?

A very exciting feature is the new ability to route audio and MIDI in and out of Push and thereby achieve creative sampling and resampling. Also there are other new options:

  • New slicing functions: even if you’re not a Push owner, you can 
    • chop samples by beat divisions, regions
    • manually 
    • by transients
  • New drum layout
    • set 16 velocity levels - greater level of expression while playing / programming beats


Route Audio and MIDI

Slice Modes

Velocities (Drum Mode)

Improved Visual Feedback:


Beginners Course for Ableton Live:

4h+ Course: Producing A Track From Scratch in Ableton (with stock instruments and effects)


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